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An Exclusive Interview with Anupal Chakraborty: The Co-Founder of Atelierish

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Being an expert in digital marketing in the present digital era is one of the unique things a person can secure to have success at this time. Though securing this height as a college student is certainly one of the phenomenal things one can do, Anupal Chakraborty a 19 year old second-year student. He is the co-founder of a Digital Marketing company Atelierish, along with Anshul Mishra, Kaif Asif and Trinath Choubey.

He started his journey at the age of 18, and in 2 years with his hard work and skills he is running a brand with his co-founders, which has scaled over 40 brands in the health and wellness Industry in Digital Marketing. Here is a conversation with Anupal Chakraborty on his journey so far in the world of Digital Marketing, with Icytales.

Q) The pandemic has changed the course of many lives and businesses. How has it impacted you personally and professionally?

Anupal Chakraborty – The pandemic has been a game-changer for us when it comes to working for my company. Everything started in this pandemic only, because every sort of business in the offline world at that time was moving online.

We also did the same thing. When it comes to digital marketing, everything is online. Practically we had a bit of experience in this field, and this pandemic has helped us to grow efficiently and be the game-changer. It has boomed our growth 100 times.

Q) How was the experience of transforming your idea into reality, and how challenging was it?

Anupal Chakraborty – When it comes to any sort of business, I would say that the idea is 20%. You listen to any successful entrepreneur, they will say that the idea is just 20% and the rest 80% is your work. I also believe in that. So, the idea to grow in digital marketing is very common.

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It has indeed been very challenging for me to make that idea into a living reality because I come from the city of Kolkata, where the start-up concept is not encouraged to a good extent, and most of the clients are not into entrepreneurship.

But I choose a different path, and I knew that it will be a little challenging, but it also has been rewarding for me, because when no one is going into your path, you are doing it alone, it gives you a sense of reward.

Q) How does your agency aim to set apart from the other companies with the same goal?

Anupal Chakraborty – Right now, we are building our USP, which is called performance-based marketing, so we don’t charge anything from our clients until we drive them the results, so we make the real money by providing the real services. We continue to aim to achieve this USP for all of our clients.

Q) Looking back to how you started and progressed with your work if given a chance, is there anything you would do differently?

Anupal Chakraborty – I would start the same thing a bit early in the age of 15 or 16. That is usually the best time to start digital marketing. The pandemic time was also the best time to initiate things, but I would only say that I would have started earlier so that at present I would have grown more, and got to a better state than I am as of now.

Q) As an entrepreneur, you are inspiring many to take up risks and live their dreams. Any advice you would like to give someone who wishes to venture into entrepreneurship?

Anupal Chakraborty – I am basically a beginner in this field, but anyone comes to me and asks for some tips, I would say that “Just do it”. No one is going to support you and you need to have self-belief in yourself and say to yourself that you are going to do that thing, that 99% of the population is not doing. You need to see and understand reality as it is and do whatever you want to do, instead of following the pressure of society.

An Exclusive Interview with Anupal Chakraborty: The Co-Founder of Atelierish 1

Q) What do you enjoy the most about running a brand or a company of your own?

Anupal Chakraborty – The best thing about being an entrepreneur is that you are not accountable to anyone if you running an agency or a company, except your clients. There is much flexibility in time you can have.

You can work either 8 hours a day or 16 hours a day, and no one is there to interfere here. So it is one of the best things I like. Also, one more thing I like is building a team. The journey of entrepreneurship is basically to build a team, which helps you in achieving the outcomes, in a win-win situation for both parties.

Q) So there would have been a journey full of ups and downs behind all your success, could you tell us something about your journey?

Anupal Chakraborty – I started when I was 16. I used to do freelancing for different social media pages and worked for free. However, my turning point in this field was in 18, when I literally started doing internships.

While doing internships I realized that why can’t I go to professional freelancing in the same field, and work for different people, instead of one person or a company. So then I did some freelancing work.

However, my career graph started to move upward when I met the co-founder of my company, Anshul Mishra, our chief marketing head Kaif Asif, and our performance head Trinath Choubey. So they were also doing freelancing gigs in digital marketing. We thought of doing something together, which was the reason for Atelierish coming into existence, through our efforts.

Then we started our agency. In the initial days, we faced many challenges, we struggled a lot of getting a client or calling them. However with practicing gradually, getting 100 of videos, doing blog campaigns, talking to hundreds of leads, etc. and then we got success in that field.

Q) What is your idea of success? What has been the most significant milestone in your journey so far?

Anupal Chakraborty – The idea of success for me is to build something which hasn’t been created in the world before. It is to have a general impact in the society, to help other people through some sort of action, which can be a business, or non-profit or can be a self-less work as well. It is to change the life of people and businesses through my skills, through my company, through myself.

Coming to the milestone part, recently we reached our 7 figures milestone which has been a great experience so far. It was a 7 figures revenue. We generally handle 50 clients in a month which is also a major thing for us. Also, we are working in seven different countries, including the UK, US, Australia, Nigeria, Malaysia, India, and Dubai, having different clients all over.

Q) Who has been your constant support and pillar during all this time? Is there someone you look up to as an inspiration?

Anupal Chakraborty – I get my lifetime inspiration from Sandeep Maheswari, he is my lifetime guru in terms of business like short-term spirituality, life health, life goals, everything. And I have constant support from my co-founder Anshul. Without him, it won’t be possible to run a company at this stage. He is the mastermind of Atelierish. Also our marketing head Cab, and our performance head Siraj have supported me throughout my journey, helping the company to reach greater heights.

Q) Would you like to tell us something about your plans ahead?

Anupal Chakraborty – Currently we are working in three different startups. The first one is we are planning to start a US Digital publication, which is going to name the story. Also, we are going to start a health and fitness brand probably in 2022, or 2023, and with that, I also want to grow into content creation. I want to start my own personal brand with the motive of helping people earn and provide knowledge about digital marketing and entrepreneurship to all.

The conversation with Anupal Chakraborty reflects on how he craves having success, and he is certainly an inspiration for many other people to see the face of success at such a young age. The education we acquire in our schools and colleges is indeed necessary, but the more essential thing is to have working skills to have success in any field.

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