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The Top 15 Apps to Kill Time

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Stuck in a boring lecture? Wondering how to kill time? Fret not! We have you covered. Here are the top 15 apps to kill time. So if you are in that endless lecture, helpless, unable to understand the mumbo jumbo being said or whether you are just stuck in that traffic moving at an ant’s pace, you can just whip out your phone and start swiping through these productive apps, cool games as well as relaxation apps.

Sometimes, social media apps like Instagram, snapchat can get boring. Because, seriously, browsing through memes and looking at other’s faces with animal filters can be exhausting (especially when you have to maintain streaks). Even Netflix can, at times, become dull because we run out of series to watch (also, you cannot wait while in a class or office, and you can face network problems while traveling).

These apps are available on the Google Play and App store for free. There might be some in-app purchases. Most of them take up little space, and some of them can be played offline. Without further ado, here is a list of 15 apps to kill time.

Remember, there is a subtle difference between apps and games. Games are also apps but are designed to entertain you. Apps are not always games; they are designed for utility as well as other purposes. This article lists some of the apps as well as games. But the games are not elaborate arcade or adventure games like Call of Duty or Counter-Strike.

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1. Just Jigsaw

The Top 15 Apps to Kill Time 1
Image courtesy- Google Play

Jigsaw puzzles with hundreds of little pieces might just be the best time killer ever. We all have had at least one set of these elaborate puzzles in our childhood. Some might have it even today. Now you can enjoy those puzzles on your phones, tablets, and even computers for hours and hours or until your device runs out of juice. You can enjoy this while traveling, while stuck in a long queue or when you have nothing to do.

You can also go for the Love Poly, the 3D puzzle game, and the brain teaser if you don’t like traditional puzzles.

2. Player Games: the Challenge

The Top 15 Apps to Kill Time 2
Image courtesy- Google Play

If you have nothing to do and your friend has nothing to do as well, then you, this app is just for you guys. The 2 Player Games has many mini arcade games where you just have to tap or double-tap to play. 2 player games have traditional time killers such as tic tac toe, snake, and some new exciting sports like money grabber, soccer, sumo wrestling, etc. The game has adorable graphics and pure gameplay. It does not take up much space, downloads really quickly and is available offline. You can also play with the AI.

3. Magic Piano: Don’t tap the white tile

The Top 15 Apps to Kill Time 3
Image courtesy- Google Play

This is a ridiculously simple game with fun music. All you have to do is tap the black tiles of the piano and avoid the white ones. The game picks up speed as it progresses, making it difficult to draw the black tiles. The game is available in various versions. Also, some newer versions have newer songs in the background as you play.

4.Duo Lingo

The Top 15 Apps to Kill Time 4
Image courtesy- Duolingo

This is probably one of the most productive apps to kill time. You can learn several languages spoken across the world, including some rare languages like Hawaiian and Navajo. You can quickly start multiple languages. There are other language apps available, but Duolingo is free and has interactive language tests and games.

5. Puzzlerama – Lines, Dots, Blocks, Pipes & more.

The Top 15 Apps to Kill Time 5
Image courtesy- Google Play

Puzzlerama is a collection of all popular puzzle games. It brags a whooping 3500 levels of classic puzzle games. These puzzles can sharpen your logical thinking skills and will keep you engaged for hours. Puzzlerama is a power-packed game app that includes games like One Line, Dots, Pips, Tangram, Shikaku, and many more spatial and logical games. These are great apps to kill time.

6. Beat Stomper

The Top 15 Apps to Kill Time 6
Image courtesy- Google Play

The Beat Stomper has neon light and music. This single-player, offline game has AMAZING music beats. All you have to is grab some cool headphones and hit the game. Hours of musical fun!

There are other similar games like Give it Up, Give it Up 2, Dash till Puff, Dash till Puff 2, and more.

7. Alto’s adventure

The Top 15 Apps to Kill Time 7
Image courtesy- Alto’s adventure

Unlike other games of the same kind, Alto’s adventure is comparatively a calmer game. It has beautiful backgrounds and graphics. Alto’s adventure also has a unique setting in the snow. The game has straightforward controls, and all you have to do is watch out for rocks, llamas, and coins.

There is also Alto’s odyssey available if you want a desert theme. You can also for Orbia: Tap and relax.

8. Terrarium: Garden Idle

The Top 15 Apps to Kill Time 8
Image courtesy- Google Play

Watch your plants grow. Plant an entire virtual potted plant garden. This is not a game. This is supposed to calm you. Collect oxygen points and expand your garden. There are many other relaxation apps available, like Penguin Isle. So, to unstress yourself these are helpful apps to kill time.

9. Word Search

The Top 15 Apps to Kill Time 9

One of the best 15 apps to kill time ,for those who like to read books, solve crosswords, and in general play with words, then you might want to kill your time with words as well. Word search is a famous time killer and needs fewer efforts than online scrabble or crosswords.

10. Pinterest

The Top 15 Apps to Kill Time 10
Image courtesy- Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great way to boost your creativity, explore art, and your subjects of interest. It can even save you from your creativity block. And such an app can also come handy while you have nothing to do. You can simply scroll through ideas and pins and, thus, discover recipes, art, DIYs, book recommendation, etc. This is an amazing app to kill time if you are a person who is into art, craft, or literature.

11. Wattpad

The Top 15 Apps to Kill Time 11
Image courtesy- Wattpad

If you are the kind of person who is bored of reading published books, then Wattpad is for you. You can discover amateur writers, read exciting new stories, and write your book. You read or write whatever suits your taste. You can even comment on the book, communicate with the writers, support them, and even give feedback. It is like a community of writers. You can also join or create a book club to review books and ask for suggestions for your books as well.

12. Audible

The Top 15 Apps to Kill Time 12
Image courtesy- Audible

Are you tired of reading books but still want to read one? Don’t worry! With audible, you can listen to your books. This is not only a smart time killer, but it will help you to finish a book if your eyes are strained. You can listen to your books on a crowded train or even while working. Audible can also help you enhance your pronunciation, enrich your vocabulary, and develop your accent. Almost all books are available on Audible.

13. Talking Tom

The Top 15 Apps to Kill Time 13
Image courtesy- Google Play

This is an app, as well as a game. Don’t have time to look after a real pet? Love cats but allergic to cat hair? Well, here’s the ultimate solution, get a virtual pet. Talking tom is also great for kids. You get to adopt a cat, dress it up, feed it, watch it sleep, shop for it, and play mini-games to earn coins and buy it cool outfits and furniture.

You can play the mini-games like 2048, Bubble Shooter, Free Flow, and many other cool games to kill time and pile up coins at the same time. Not only children adults too, love this app as one of the best apps to kill time.

14. Reddit

apps to kill time
Image courtesy- Reddit

This is the RIGHT place to express your opinions, read discussions on your topics of interest, see what is trending, and join your desired communities. This app can get addictive, and you will spend hours reading posts, news, facts, memes, gaming hacks, trending topics, conspiracy theories, and more. Reddit will make introverts feel that they are not the only introverts.

Now you can ask questions that you were too embarrassed to ask; you can answer awkward queries and even see your disturbing existential wonderings being discussed. You can choose a cool username (like – hellboy14, unknown stranger, myteacherisacreature, or whatever you think suits the 14-year-old in you).

15. Rise Up

The Top 15 Apps to Kill Time 14
Image courtesy- Google Play

Rise is an underrated game but one of the fantastic apps to kill time. Not everybody will enjoy this game. The concept of Rising is itself very unique. You have to get your balloon as high as you can by tackling various obstacles and clearing the way. It is relaxing as well as a very addictive game. The rise has endless gameplay and can be played offline.

So these were some of the apps to kill time. You can also look for some more productive alternative apps like day to day planners to manage your schedule, simulation apps like Cash Flow to increase your knowledge about how an economy works, the relaxing ceramic art game (Pottery Master) to create your unique pottery, coloring games like Poly Island that can help you relax, apps like Journi to generate or read travelogues, WordPress for blogging as well as Kindle to read books on the go.

If nothing else, you can browse videos on YouTube (I know you look for odd stuff like ‘what does my nail shape say about my personality’ or ‘top 5 mysteries or ‘life hacks’).

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Comment if you have more suggestions for Apps to Kill time.

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